Maria Borders

Maria Borders, RYT-200, is an energetic teacher, yet is known for her "calming voice".

"It's about my students. I want them to be free to create a peaceful space for themselves and their practice through breath and moment."

Maria believes that yoga is about acceptance of one's self, helping her students to find their connection to an inner peace one breath at a time.

Maria is married to Jeff Borders who is another teacher at EHY. They have three children. She is an Idaho native with strong ties to the military community.

Maria has been practicing yoga since 2014, received her RYT-200 from EHY in 2016 and is working toward her next 300 level certification. She is the EHY Teacher Training Coordinator and teachers a variety of classes at EHY including: Military Veterans Class , the Hot Signature class, Vinyasa and Yin. Using her knowledge and enthusiasm for yoga, Maria is always looking for ways to give back to the our community.