Youth Yoga Camp at the EHY Broadway location!
Cost is $75.00 for the 5 day camp, space is limited. 10 students max.
Ages 6-11
Schedule: Monday July 17 - Friday July 21
12:00-1:15pm Non-heated Yoga Class
1:15-1:30pm Discussion and snacks

Yoga is fun and therapeutic for kids! Moving the body with yoga is fun and children naturally love the practice. The connection of body and mind has been shown to benefit children greatly and provide a path for self regulation as they grow and develop. In this special Kids Yoga Camp, your child will have the opportunity learn yoga postures, breathing exercises that will help calm their nervous system and engage in games and play!

Class is not heated (in the side room) and will be designed specifically for children 6-11 years old.
*Perfectly planned so parents can bring their children along for the 12:15pm class and they can have their yoga while you can take an adult yoga class!
This workshop will fill up quickly! *Pre-registration is required.
Sign up at under Workshops or at any of our four studios!

Essential Hot Yoga Meridian (side studio)
July 17th -21st 2017
9:15am - 11:00am
$75 per student

Kid Yoga Camp at Essential Hot Yoga Meridian location. It is often said by yoga students, "I wish I would have found yoga much younger." Yoga gently opens up the body and the mind for greater self love and compassion. The connection of body and mind through the practice of yoga has been shown to benefit everyone of all ages greatly and provides a path for self regulation as children grow and develop.

Students will be taken through a yoga class and will have the opportunity to socialize with their fellow yogis after class.

This workshop will fill up quickly! Pre-registration is required.
Space is limited. 10 students max.

Essential Hot Yoga Broadway
Series begins August 11th, 2017
12:00 - 1:00 pm
$60 for 4 week series

This four week series is designed for parents or guardians to practice yoga with their new bundles of joy! Parents can practice in a safe environment and feel comfortable caring for the baby with other parents.

Baby & Me yoga is a 60 minute yoga class designed for new parents and babies to bond while participating in a gentle postpartum yoga practice. This is also a great space for new parents and babies to meet, socialize, and support one another. This class provides a lot of flexibility and openness for babies to do as they please and allow parents to feel comfortable caring for their baby. Every class includes yoga poses and flows that can be done with or without your baby, as well as guided meditation and breathing exercises. All babies from 4 weeks up to 18 months are welcome. If you are newly postpartum (up to 8 weeks), please be sure to get approval from your doctor or midwife before joining us.

4 week series - preregistration is required. Limited space is available.